We are an environmental consulting service here to document and assess your environmental concerns. We are proud of our success in managing large and complex recognized environmental concerns as well as small and specialized environmental projects and programs. We provide practical, realistic, and cost-effective solutions supporting your environmental concerns. The tight standards we have established and maintained, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction provide reliable and competitive service.


AEC has assembled a staff of experts in environmental science and engineering, supplemented by a network of carefully selected associates who specialize in environmental assessments, management, and regulatory compliance.


Over the years, we have provided outstanding service to numerous companies, including banking and financial institutions, property management and real estate firms, attorneys, and various other industries.


We work with our clients to select the proper and most economical solutions for the diverse environmental problems confronting industrial and commercial transactions and provide the expertise for all types of environmental concerns to resolve any environmental problem quickly, economically and efficiently.


We commit ourselves to excellence and pride ourselves in developing practical solutions to your concerns.

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